Let’s face it.  The prospect pulling off the perfect wedding is almost overwhelming for any bride!  Every bride reacts differently to the pressures of organizing family, friends, and beyond.  Maybe you have even had the opportunity to see the television show called “Bridezilla’s” where brides that have succumbed to wedding pressure experience a complete melt-down for the world to see.

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski has been helping brides to have their very best smile for their big day.  In conjunction with her friends at AmericanBridal.com, Dr.  Dorothy is offering a preview of the Bridal Checklist through AmericanBridal.com.

1 Month Before Wedding

_____ Call guests that have not yet RSVP’d
_____ Get your teeth cleaned/whitened
_____ Confirm honeymoon plans & pick-up airline tickets
_____ Assign Wedding day helpers
_____ Keep track of gifts received and start on thank you notes
_____ Arrange for a professional to preserve and heirloom your Gown & Bouquet
_____ Pick-up Bridesmaids Dresses & Wedding Gown (Already Pressed)
_____ Start seating arrangement & prepare seating name cards

See The Full Bridal Checklist

We can truly help you with a personalized bridal beauty plan that will make help you take amazing wedding pictures for your big day.  Call us at (847) 685-6686 to schedule your appointment today.