The New Year is always filled with promises that we make to ourselves.  The team at Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C. has decided to recommend 10 Resolutions you should not make for this year:

  1. Make resolutions without any accountability.
  2. To eat 1 pound of sugar a week.  (To some of us this would be awesome to accomplish, but for your teeth’s sake, please don’t.)
  3. Sleep until noon every day.  (Ahh, this can sound nice, but think of all the great mornings you will miss!)
  4. Avoid all responsibilities.  (Is this everybody’s secret wish? Well, it will only make things worse in the end.)
  5. Never do your laundry.  (This will need to happen unless they have invented clothes that wash themselves.)
  6. Tell everyone you meet something that is wrong with them.  (Tired of giving compliments? Don’t try the opposite, you might lose friends.)
  7. Clean your house only once a year.  (Once again, cleaning your house is hard but necessary.)
  8. Tell children that the tooth fairy doesn’t want their baby teeth.  (The tooth fairy wants every child’s baby teeth!)
  9. Throw away all your floss because it is useless.  (Remember to floss, and it is not just useful for Do It Yourself arts and crafts)
  10. NEVER BRUSH YOUR TEETH!  (Please, please brush your teeth twice a day.)

What are some of the resolutions that you refuse to make for 2014?  Are they funny, serious, or in between?  We encourage you to share your responses right here on our blog!