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14 05, 2013

#1 on The Bridal Checklist…Your Teeth!

2013-05-14T10:51:09-06:00Dr. Dorothy Anasinski, Michael Gaynor, Samantha Chou, Wedding, Wedding Dentist|

Let’s face it.  The prospect pulling off the perfect wedding is almost overwhelming for any bride!  Every bride reacts differently to the pressures of organizing family, friends, and beyond.  Maybe you have even had the opportunity to see the television show called “Bridezilla’s” where brides that have succumbed to wedding [...]

8 05, 2013

Weather Changes and Your Sinuses


As we enter into spring there also comes drastic changes in both temperature and barometric pressure. Those with sensitive sinuses can tell you about the dramatic (and sometimes painful) affect that fronts of high and low pressure have caused. Dental patients feel pain and discomfort in their sinuses when the [...]