2014 is here. Perhaps you’ve had a chance to reflect upon 2013 both personally and professionally.

What were some of the things you wanted to accomplish?  What were some of the things you did accomplish?  We have asked you, our patients, these questions and here is what we have heard back:

  • “I lost 10 pounds.”
  • “I found a new job.”
  • “I didn’t find the love of my life…yet.”
  • “I almost fit into jeans from 5 years ago!”

Vision Vs. Resolution

With that said, here’s some clarification on the distinction between a vision and a resolution.

A resolution which typically consists of do’s and don’ts.  A vision is a future that you’re living into, such as:

Resolution – Lose 10 pounds               Vision – To feel healthy and my best

Resolution – Find a new job                 Vision – To have a career that invigorates me

Resolution – Finding Mr./Mrs. Right   Vision – To be open to receiving and giving of love

Resolution – Fit into my old clothes     Vision – To feel young again

When you don’t lose the 10 pounds, then your resolution is a failure.

You don’t “fail” with a vision. You can always recapture the enthusiasm of the future, or the vision, you’re living into.


You already know, having the right structural and social support to implement and sustain your vision is critical for success.  Consider using these tips as you lay out your plan for a better you in 2014:

  • Visualize. If you can see it, you’ll have the motivation to take actions that will support your vision. 
  • Create realistic goals. Focusing on health versus losing 30 pounds in 30 days sets you up for a joyful journey, not one wrought with guilt and pain.
  •  Start from the inside out. Sometimes we’re so busy pleasing others, we forget what WE want. So, what DO you want?
  • Share your vision with anyone who’ll listen. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Don’t get hung up on achieving the “perfect” figure, having the “perfect” job, or knowing all of the “perfect” people.  Maybe the idea is to be perfectly happy with imperfection.