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Oil Pulling for Holistic Dental Health Benefits

When most people hear the term “oil pulling” they immediately associate it with the practice of oil drilling which can …

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Eat More (Good) Sugars

O.K.  You probably clicked on this posting just to see what we would be talking about.  You were right…Sugar! Now, …

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Better Dental Health Without Brushing

How can you achieve better dental health without brushing your teeth more? Xylitol is a product that helps reduce the …

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3 Ways to Finance Dental Procedures

Because dental insurance doesn’t cover all needs. Sadly, those with dental insurance can be stranded due to the limits in …

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Healthy Summer Picnic Ideas

Summertime offers priceless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.  An old-fashioned tradition of having a picnic is …

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Take the FREE Daily Health Challenge

We have discovered a great resource to support your health this summer with offers free, fun and easy …

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