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30 07, 2014

Oil Pulling for Holistic Dental Health Benefits

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When most people hear the term “oil pulling” they immediately associate it with the practice of oil drilling which can cause the subject to be quickly overlooked. Let’s take a closer look at this easy to apply treatment to your daily dental hygiene practices. Goodbye Mouthwash…Hello Oil Oil Pulling (a.k.a. [...]

30 07, 2014

Better Dental Health Without Brushing

2020-06-24T09:17:02-06:00Better Breath, Brushing Teeth, Dental Health, Gum Health, Tooth Decay, Xylitol|

How can you achieve better dental health without brushing your teeth more? Xylitol is a product that helps reduce the risk of tooth decay.  Let’s explore three very important facts about Xylitol. Fact:  Eating foods high in sugars and starches can promote tooth decay. Many large-scale clinical studies have shown [...]

23 07, 2014

3 Ways to Finance Dental Procedures

2018-09-19T09:36:24-06:00Dental Financing|

Because dental insurance doesn't cover all needs. Sadly, those with dental insurance can be stranded due to the limits in amount of coverage. In addition, many dental services aren't covered by insurance, such as dental implants, whitening, or veneers. However, the good news is that Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C. provides 3 [...]

16 07, 2014

Healthy Summer Picnic Ideas

2014-07-16T11:01:42-06:00Better Breath|

Summertime offers priceless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.  An old-fashioned tradition of having a picnic is a great way to spend an afternoon taking in all that nature has to offer.  Let's explore some healthier options for food and beverage choices as you plan your picnic: [...]