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29 10, 2014

Cider Day 2014


We are so excited for Cider Day 2014!  We encourage you to attend as our entire staff will be on hand to answer your dental health questions.  If you have any questions about our upcoming event, please call us at 847-685-6686.

15 10, 2014

Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

2019-09-12T11:46:38-06:00Depression, Mental Health, Seasonal Affective Disorder|

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is known by many names, one of which is very common in the northern states, especially during the winter time, is called “Cabin Fever”.  This name refers to the change in behavior patterns accompanied by winter, lack of natural sunlight, and the resulting symptoms of what [...]

8 10, 2014

Healthy Teeth = Great Sex

2019-09-12T11:40:03-06:00Dental Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Periodontal, periodontist, The ED Talk, Type 2 Diabetes|

It’s true what they say about the “mind-body connection” for quite a few conditions found in the body.  That saying is also true for the correlation between better dental health and a better sex life. Let’s explore the most current research and factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. ED Research [...]