We are constantly reminded that regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper dental hygiene play vital roles in our overall health and oral health.

These three aspects of our behavior are separate from each other, yet, when combined together have a tremendous impact on our health.  Below is an excerpt from a study published on the American Dental Association website that shares empirical evidence regarding these behaviors and just how much of an impact they have on our dental health:

They examined data from 12,110 people who participated in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Subjects were monitored for 24 hours regarding their food intake and asked if they participated in nine leisure-time physical activities (walking a mile or more at a time without stopping, jogging or running, bike riding, aerobic dancing or exercise, dancing, swimming, calisthenics, garden or yard work, and weight lifting).

Researchers found that subjects who exercised, had healthy eating habits and maintained a normal weight (body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 kilograms per square meter) were 40 percent less likely to develop periodontitis. The prevalence of periodontitis was reduced by 29 percent for subjects who had only two of the healthy habits and by 16 percent in those who had only one.

Researchers concluded that healthy behaviors that lower the risks for diabetes also can lower the risk factors for periodontitis. Healthy eating habits, which build the body’s defenses against disease, also reduce the production of plaque biofilm, which is the primary epidemiologic factor associated with periodontal disease.

Source of Study:  American Dental Association

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