The best place to trick or treat is at your Niles dentist!

Halloween candy is irresistible at any age. Sweet as it is, it is a leading culprit of many health issues. Yet that doesn’t stop many from overindulgence. Resultant sugar spikes in the diet this time of year can cause a host of health issues. So make sure to add a stop at your Niles dentist to the trick-or-treat route for the best treat of all: tips to surviving a sugary Halloween.

Halloween spent with a Niles dentist or even a medical doctor…

No monster could be scarier this Halloween than the number of health issues which could occur from the intake of an excess amount of candy. Mineral deficiency is a leading culprit. Depleted magnesium levels, for instance, make it impossible to regulate blood sugar and also leaves calcium unused, a scary situation for bones and teeth that rely on it. Further, how often has your dentist told you that eating sugar leads to tooth decay? Halloween brings a heightened risk of these factors.

Niles Dentist Halloween Candy Tip #1: Don’t Eat It

Abstinence. A classic preventative, if unreal measure to take in the war against sugar. Refraining from sugar is always a good measure to take nutritionally and for good oral health. This has been a successful option for many who have found many health improvements including increased energy and great results during dental checkups. Refrain from sugar during this holiday may not be that easy. Other measures are therefore needed.

Niles Dentist Halloween Candy Tip #2: Proper Nutrition

While we may have been told that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the reverse is actually true. A “spoonful” (healthy portion) of magnesium rich foods such a leafy green vegetables can soften the blow of sugar’s effects on the body. Getting magnesium also allows calcium to be used by the body. Your teeth are very appreciative of this, as will be your Niles dentist!

Niles Dentist Halloween Candy Tip #3: Brush and Floss

All that sugar is going to leave some pretty gruesome bacteria behind which can create a scary situation with your teeth. Good brushing habits are paramount this time of year, as is a heightened vigilance of bacterial invaders. Proper brushing and flossing are ever-more important.

Halloween should be “fun scary”, not “scary scary”…

Halloween is the most sugar-infused holiday of the year, for adults and children alike. Tooth decay and other sugar-induced conditions, are some of the scariest monsters around. Abstaining where possible is the best preventive measure however, when not possible, emphasizing proper nutrition, eating sugar in moderation and, especially, keeping in those good oral habits all create the best defense against these monsters.
Dr Anasinski and her team of specialists are waiting for you at Dental Specialists of Niles to keep you smiling through the Halloween season. Schedule a check-up today to ensure the sugar monster doesn’t get you!