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The best dental implants Niles periodontists can supply do not themselves necessarily guarantee extended life for the implants. While lots of new technology, such as All-on4, can drastically lessen risk factors, care of the implants themselves is the best way to extend their life and can be accomplished in several ways.

Quitting smoking

While it is widely known that smoking yellows teeth, it may be less known that it can have adverse effects on the life of implants. Studies now confirm its effects including post-operative infection and “marginal” bone loss. Quitting smoking can, therefore, extend the life of implants significantly.

Impeccable oral hygiene

Periodontitis is something which can damage gums and destroy the jawbone. Obviously, real or implanted, teeth can be affected. The best of Niles dental implants found, therefore, are only limited by their care on the long term, which starts with personal, oral care. While it may be assumed that because they are artificial that less oral hygiene is necessary, nothing can be farther from the truth. For damaged gums or bone will not support any teeth, real or otherwise. Oral hygiene is even more important with implants therefore.

Improving overall health

Diabetes, chronic stress, smoking and other popular and common health concerns obviously affect overall body health. This does not stop at the teeth and gums and can certainly, resultantly, have an effect on implants. Reduced healing ability after surgery as well and increased risk for periodontal disease can blunt implant effectiveness and shorten their lifespan. Lifestyle and health changes are obvious benefits to implant life extension.

Why are Niles dental implants lasting longer?

The Dental Specialists of Niles are striving to make Niles dental implants better than the rest. By offering the latest technology, as in the All-on-4 implant system, and educating patients on the lifestyle changes that make the most out of implant life, longest-lasting results can be achieved.

If you have such issues and are looking for Niles dental implants, schedule an appointment to find out what all the factors are in having a procedure done, what are the options and how to get the most out of them. The life of your implants may depend on it.