Recently, Dr. Dorothy Anasinski was interviewed about how patients can benefit themselves through proper dental hygiene practices.  Here is an excerpt from the interview that is quite attention getting as it focuses on how to add years to your life in just a few seconds each evening:

Margaret:  Dr. Anasinski is here to help you discover how to add years to your life in only 90 seconds per night!…Dr. Anasinski is a Periodontal and Dental Implant Specialist, and a Wellness Expert.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her Dental Practice is in the Northwest side of Chicago, in Niles. Dr. Anasinski focuses on helping people save their teeth, and for those who are missing teeth, Dr. Anasinski helps to gives a second chance to have teeth with dental implants. Her practice is known for giving thousands of Chicagoans healthy, beautiful smiles.

…Dr. Anasinski, how is it possible to add years to your life in only 90 seconds per night?

The Key To Adding Years To Your Life

Dr. Dorothy:  By Flossing every night.  Literature shows that flossing adds 7 years to our lifespan!

Margaret:  How can something that simple add years to our lives?

Dr. Dorothy:  Because flossing benefits us beyond the mouth.  When you improve your oral health, you improve so many other things in the body.

The problem starts with the disease-causing bacterial film that builds on the teeth which is very adherent. Brushing our teeth only cleans 1/3rd of the tooth surface. The bacterial film that builds up between the teeth not only promotes bad breath but increases the risk of cavities, periodontal (gum) disease and tooth loss.

Gum Disease Symptoms Are Painless

Margaret:  I also heard that gum disease is contagious and that people do not know that they have it because it is painless, is that true?

Dr. Dorothy:  Yes, and going beyond the mouth…, not flossing leads to worse things than periodontal disease….People who don’t floss have higher incidence for cardiovascular issues such as heart attack and strokes, and a higher incidence for pneumonia.  Men with periodontal disease have a greater risk for erectile dysfunction.  Even with diabetes, improved oral health can help control problems with diabetic patients.  Also, pregnant women with gum disease have lower birth weight babies

Margaret:  …Everything is connected…

Healthier Mouth = Healthier Body

Dr. Dorothy:  Yes, When you have a healthier mouth, there is less inflammation in your body, and across the board – everything can heal better, the skin is better, you’re in a better mood, you have more energy.

Gum disease is a chronic infection in the mouth. Your body is constantly trying to fight the bacteria from entering your body. That is stressful for us. Once the infection improves because we have better oral hygiene, we feel better, look better, have fresher breath and are more attractive.

Margaret:  Wow, there are so many more reasons to floss than not to!  Having better oral health really not only adds years to our life, it also improves the quality of our life as well! …What about people who are not certain whether they are flossing correctly, or don’t know whether they have gum disease?

Dorothy:  We welcome listeners to our office for examinations you will receive free containers of floss and flossing instruction. Just like many things in life, it is not only what we do but how we do it that matters, so it is important that you floss properly!

Challenge yourself to floss every day for one week.  If you meet that interim goal, then set your next goal at one month.  Incorporating the habit of flossing into your daily routine will benefit your body and overall oral health!

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