On the Road to a Lifetime of Good Dental Health

On the Road to a Lifetime of Good Dental Health

Many of us maintain our health in a variety of ways. We visit our doctor for an annual physical. We watch our diet and even exercise regularly. However, many of us fail to take necessary precautions when it comes to our dental health. Our annual blood test is essential and so is our annual dental checkup and 3-6 month Professional Dental Cleaning.

Don’t Skip Your Dental X-Rays

Many physicians advise against regular dental x-rays. However, modern day radiographic imaging allows dentists to visualize pathology with minimal radiation. This is often the best, and only way to diagnose cavities, nerve damage and other dental diseases. The best way to prevent a long road of pain and suffering, both physical and financial, is to identify and treat any conditions early on.

Regular Brushing and Flossing Isn’t Enough

It is great practice to maintain a regular at-home dental routine. This should include brushing at least twice per day, rinsing and flossing. Although this is a great way to prevent cavities, dental intervention is necessary as well. Plaque buildup and gum disease becomes increasingly common as we age and the only way to identify and treat symptoms of these conditions is with a dental visit. One of the most common dental findings is plaque beneath the gumline, which can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist with professional instruments.

Periodontal Disease Has Become An Epidemic

We often hear of periodontal disease, but what does this condition entail? Periodontal conditions pertain to infections and bacteria found in the gums. Some red flags to look out for and report to your dentist are: bleeding of the gums (when brushing or flossing), unpleasant breath, tenderness at the gumline or teeth that seem to be loose. Gingivitis is a very common side effect of infrequent dental visits and it’s effects can rarely be reversed.

It is important to always maintain your overall health and wellness. Dr. Anasinski at Dental Specialists of Niles specializes in early intervention and prevention. Her practice specializes in helping patients avoid painful, costly dental procedures, with simple routine visits. In the event that a patient is behind on their checkups and cleanings, Dr. Anasinski can quickly catch them up!