Let’s face it relationships are more intimate, passionate, and fulfilling with fresh and healthy breath.  We thought it would be helpful to our blog audience and social media fans to offer 10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath.

10 Tips for Curing Bad Breath

  1. Regularly brush your teeth and floss.  This helps to remove bacteria and plaque.
  2. Clean your tongue.  This too helps to reduce the non-essential bacteria that affect your breath.
  3. Drink plenty of water.  Hydration is a key to helping reduce the potency of bacteria that cause bad breath.
  4. Avoid Using Mints.  Using breath mints to mask bad breath are only a temporary solution to a problem that requires consistent attention to detail.
  5. Proper Food Choices.  Eating the wrong foods promotes the generation of odor causing bacteria in your mouth, and hence, bad breath.
  6. Rinse.  Rinse your mouth with water our mouthwash after eating and drinking.
  7. Use Natural Remedies.  Natural foods such as green tea, cinnamon, mint, parsley and cilantro offer essential oils that help to enhance your breath.
  8. Foods With Vitamin C.  Foods high in Vitamin C such as melons, berries, and citrus fruits smell good and also help to make your breath smell good.    
  9. Avoid Cigarettes.  Aside from the cardiovascular benefits of not smoking, you can also avoid the multiple chemicals that get released into your mouth when you smoke.
  10. Visit Your Dentist.  Assuming that everything is o.k. with your dental health while you battle bad breath is something not to be overlooked.  Schedule an appointment today!

We hope that this list helps to point you in the right direction in your journey to cure bad breath.  If this blog post has caused you concern, we recommend that you Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment as soon as possible.