dental implant technology

Good News for Chicagoland!

Dental Implants for the average person living in Chicagoland is becoming more of a reality in 2017.

Currently the segment of the population that is most in need of tooth replacement are in their late 50’s and 60’s. For the most part they are the “baby boomers’. Typically baby boomers have been considered innovative and not traditional in their attitudes towards life. Tooth replacement is no exception to this. The latest technology for this is dental implants and that is what is wanted by this sector of the population. Income is not the determining factor in this decision. It is moreso the desire to be on the cutting edge of technology that drives this group.

With so many technological advances, the more that is learned the more viability enters in so that average income households have access to these tech breakthroughs. Dental Implants are no exception.

How have Dental Implants Progressed?

In the earlier days of dental implants the technology was cruder. There were more steps involved which meant a longer process with more numerous visits to the dentist that were less than pleasant. The main diagnostic method was with xrays for determining both eligibility and placement of dental implants. Without the benefit of computer guided incisions the implant placement required somewhat lengthy calculations involving quite a bit of patient visits and time.

The more modern technology is to use 3-D imaging xrays and computer guided placement of implants. There is greater precision provided which is very good news for patients and the entire process can be accomplished in a few visits over a period of a few months depending on the extent of bone loss that exists.

Dental Specialists of Niles Use State of the Art Technology

At Dental Specialists of Niles we take great pride and experience real joy in creating a wonderful and secure patient experience. And a result that will last and give happiness.

It is not a small thing to gain the confidence a perfect smile can give you when dealing with potential employers, customers or even family. Call us at 847-685-6686 and find out how easy it is to benefit from dental implants!