Gluten free diet effect on teeth?

Eating bread is not the best choice for your teeth

Can Going Gluten Free Benefit Your Teeth?

These days, there are many people who swear by a gluten-free diet. Some have to comply with this restricted diet for medical reasons, while others report a variety of health benefits. Many health professionals claim that going gluten-free can highly benefit your overall and dental health.
What exactly is gluten?
Gluten is defined as a type of protein that can commonly be found in foods that contain grains and wheat. Many people have a gluten sensitivity caused by Celiac disease. For these individuals, consuming foods which contain gluten harms the sensitive lining of the small intestine. In turn, this will prevent their body from absorbing necessary nutrients. Studies show that nearly two million Americans suffer from Celiac disease and over seventeen million Americans are diagnosed with gluten sensitivity.
How can gluten affect my teeth?

Consuming foods which contain gluten can have a variety of negative effects. Recent studies show that these foods can damage the teeth enamel, cause tooth discoloration and even promote the production of canker sores. After eating such food, bad breath is also very common. When people have gone gluten-free, they have often reported a significant decrease in inflammatory gum disease to their dentists as well.
Fortunately, there a variety of gluten food substitutions available. As this diet becomes increasingly popular, many gluten-free foods and recipes can be found.
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