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Chewing Gum Could Detect Signs of Gum Disease

Chewing Gum may be able to detect gum disease!

Everyone has an opinion about chewing gum. It can either be a useful tool to combat bad breath, even assist …

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Dental Discomfort

There are many times when we feel discomfort or pain in our mouths and do not know where it came …

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Do You Suffer From Chronic Bad Breath?

Don’t let Bad Breath ruin your Holidays! Bad breath can be a real Turkey … From close conversations with family …

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How often do Americans go to the dentist?

Statistics show that dental disease is on the rise. In this past year alone, studies show that over 150 million …

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Gum Disease Surpasses Diabetes – Are You At Risk?

It’s official.  Gum Disease has passed Diabetes in the popularity category for unwanted health conditions. With one in every two …

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Add Years To Your Life In Just 90 Seconds

Recently, Dr. Dorothy Anasinski was interviewed about how patients can benefit themselves through proper dental hygiene practices.  Here is an …

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Eat More (Good) Sugars

O.K.  You probably clicked on this posting just to see what we would be talking about.  You were right…Sugar! Now, …

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Can Gum Infections Cause Fatigue?

Any type of infection in the body can cause a person to feel bad and can cause chronic fatigue and …

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Is Kissing Risky For You?

Gum disease is a common, transmissible infectious disease. Bacteria which cause this infection can be spread from person to person …

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