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Having a Professional Whiten Your Teeth Will Give You the Best Smile

Have whiter teeth for a beautiful smile

Are you unhappy with the state of your teeth color? Knowing that others are looking at your stained teeth can …

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Teeth Whitening Making Brighter, Whiter Smiles in Niles

People in Niles are Seeking Brighter Smiles Through Teeth Whitening There is nothing that makes you look more radiant and …

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Get Ready for Spring Weddings and Graduations Wearing Your Best Smile!

Get Ready for Spring Weddings and Graduations Wearing Your Best Smile! There are non-professional over-the counter whitening treatments such as …

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Niles Dentist: White You Can Wear Before and After Labor Day

There is but a month until Labor Day but a Niles Dentist wants you to wear white anyway There is …

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Can Going Gluten Free Benefit Your Teeth?

Can Going Gluten Free Benefit Your Teeth? These days, there are many people who swear by a gluten-free diet. Some …

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15 Years Of Smiles In Niles

Celebrating Our 15 Year Anniversary 🙂 Celebrate with us on January 30, Dental Specialists of Niles Dr. Dorothy Anasinski along …

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Dental Insurance 101

As providing you with the best care possible, an important part of this process is informing patients of their dental …

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A Second Chance For A Great Smile

More and more of our patients are bringing their parents to us for dentures. The advancements in dental technology allow …

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Teeth Whitening: Which is best for you?

Teeth Whitening is an extremely hot ticket.  According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening Services are the …

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10 Places and Events That Require Your Best Smile This Fall

Have a bright; healthy smile makes those around you really see your inner happiness. Aside from the benefits of good …

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