CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System

The CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System is a great advancement in terms of patient care. Any doctor who takes his or her job of taking the best care of patients seriously and wants to give them the most accurate diagnosis and treatments will aspire to have this in their office. The ability to get 3D images nearly instantly will be a huge boon to them. Patients will also appreciate a lot of things about this, as well. Read on to learn more about it.

Accurate Renderings

First of all, the CS 8100 3D can capture 3D and 2D images and then render an accurate view of patients’ anatomy. No more relying on X-rays. This makes for vastly improved diagnoses, which then makes it much easier to plan for surgery and allows them to do it with pinpoint precision. Treatment planning is much simpler, too. It’s all about accuracy, since the doctor can look at whatever part is needed in 3D and change the angle of what they are looking at. No more static X-Rays, which leave a lot to the imagination. The images are going to be to scale, which makes things easy to interpret. There won’t be any anatomical overlap, and the doct can call these images up in seconds since it is all digital.

CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System
hightly detailed image scan at dental specialists of niles

No Extra Imaging Needed

Another way that this is a time-saver is that the doctor will have a lot more in-office services thanks to the CS 8100 3D, which means he or she won’t have to send patients to other imaging centers. The doctor can look at all the results right there in the office and not have to wait for results to be sent back and forth – which could be crucial in case of an emergency. That will mean less time in both their office and other imaging offices. Any necessary treatment can begin much sooner, thanks to the saved time.  

Highly-Detailed Images

When  you use the CS 8100 3D, you will get benefits like the doctor seeing his or her patient’s teeth in extremely close detail, thanks to the hi-res images, which will then allow the doctor to make a lot more accurate diagnoses. Also, patients will have a lower amount of radiation exposure, which is great, since patient safety is our No. 1 priority. On top of that, it makes for a very quick exam and is quite comfortable. There are seated and standing options, which are a far cry from the traditional X-ray options. Seeing how convenient this new imaging option is will also likely make any patient more amenable, 

since the bite trays can sometimes cause havoc with certain people’s gag refluxes when inserted at certain angles. .

You can ask your dentist’s office if they are thinking about getting the CS 8100 3D in the near future. Many practitioners who have their ear to the ground about advances in technology have incorporated this  – it’s time that yours made the complete leap into the 21st century!

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