Sports involving physical contact such as rugby, football, basketball, and boxing are typically known to require mouth pieces or mouth guards to protect the participants against damage to their teeth and concussions.

However, sports that cause athletes to grind their teeth can cause the same or worse levels of damage.  Let’s examine the types of mouth guards available.

Sports mouth guards typically come in three different forms:

  1. Standard or “Stock” – These are the types of mouth guards that come ready-for-use right off the shelf and are available at most big box or sporting goods stores.
  2. Boil To Fit – These are mouth guards that you insert into boiling water and then custom fit to your bite profile.  Typically, these are made out of a special type of rubber resin that can sustain the wear-and-tear of sports.
  3. Custom Mouth Pieces – These are custom designed mouth guards that are created based on the specifications of a dentist and/or a dental lab.  Those who participate in sports that require a lot of verbal communication find tremendous value in custom mouth guards.  Some types of sports positions that use this type of mouth guard are football quarterbacks and safeties and basketball point guards.

If you are curious about whether you require a mouth guard for your summer and spring sport please consult with us during your next scheduled dental appointment or call us at (847) 685-6686.