Dental advice for cavities Many pleasures in life are fleeting and the aftermath of these are often detrimental. Eating candy is no exception. Niles dental specialist Dr Anasinski educates her patients into alternative pleasures of eating that don’t destroy your teeth. The idea of healthy eating she says is NOT to deprive yourself of enjoyable foods. Part of going to a dentist should be to create habits that protect and promote healthy teeth.

It’s Just A Candy!

One of the most classic candies worldwide is quite simple – the sucking candy. It has been around for centuries and comes in hundreds of different flavors, from coffee to strawberry. For children, we have even created a “safer” alternative which isn’t a choking hazard, the lollipop. However, many of us get into the habit of frequenting these candies, particularly after meals. This can be quite dangerous, because instead of brushing off food particles from the teeth, you are actually sealing them in with sugar, the leading cause of tooth decay. Believe it or not, even gum and mints (containing sugar) are culprits!

Gummies Are Not So Good!

Gummy bears or worms were likely one of your favorite snacks growing up. Gummy candies are one of the leading causes of pediatric cavities. They stick to all of the tiny spaces within the mouth, especially the back teeth, or molars, where plaque buildup is most common. Bacteria which exists naturally in the mouth can actually take these sticky sugars and turn them into harmful acid. Then, your saliva will become acidic over time and dissolve the calcium found in your enamel. Eventually, the enamel will begin to demineralize and holes and tooth decay will quickly develop, along with a lifetime of related dental issues.

Avoid The Drive Thru!

When we are constantly on the go, the fast food drive thru can look very appealing. These food chains spend multimillions on advertising to get people consuming their products ! What they don’t tell you is that consuming fast food has a variety of negative effects on your body, including your mouth. Fast food meals are typically very high in carbohydrates, which increases sugar levels significantly. Also, studies show that those who regularly consume fast food spend more money on repairing their teeth.

Combination meals offered at fast food chains often seem like a good deal, but almost always include a large fountain drink. Unfortunately healthy options like mineral water are rarely on the menu, so you are left choosing between soda or high sugar fruit drinks, which are both deadly to your overall oral health.

Dental Specialists of Niles Offers a Wide Range of Services

No matter what eating habits you have had, Dental Specialists of Niles can help you and your family restore your teeth. It’s important to consult a professional to find out what services are available to you if you have a tendency towards eating sweets! Whether you are a late night snacker or just enjoy mints between your meals, we can come up with a great dental routine to assist you in working your way back to oral health. Voted as number one dental office in Niles, Illinois, we can take care of your teeth no matter their condition! Don’t let another day pass with uncared for dental situations. Call us today at (847) 685-6686 or click here to schedule your checkup, cleaning and consultation.