Dental Implants or Dentures? People of all ages may find themselves facing a tough choice for their mouths. Whether from gum disease, an accident or other circumstances, they have one or several missing teeth. Rather than have the possibility of having the structure of their face change due to the missing space in their jaw – other teeth will shift and they will get a sunken-in look due to the skin of the cheek moving due to there being no mass there to rest against – they can get either dentures or a dental implant. The question is… who wins the argument of dentures vs. dental implants?

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of either one, it’s important to remember that one should do this under the guidance of a dental professional.

Dental implants are similar to permanent teeth. First, the periodontist, dental implant surgeon, will insert titanium dental implant screws in the empty sockets and wait for the jawbone to fuse with the screw. The dental implant will act as a root for the replacement tooth. There are options where people can have same-day dental implants, but depending on the person, some may need more healing time than others. The dental implant surgeon will place the dental implant, or several dental implants, if the patient has elected to have All-On-Four implants where they can have four dental implant screws that support a bridge for the entire upper or lower jaw. After that, the teeth will look and feel like the regular teeth – one can eat, drink and speak like they normally do.

Dentures – one can have removable or dental implant supported overdentures, where the dental implants anchor the denture to the jaw. The removeable denture is similar to a retainer in that it’s not fixed. Yes, one can use dental adhesive, but there’s always the chance that the denture may come loose. Another issue that denture wearers tend to have is that they become loose and wind up irritating the gum area around it. If left untreated, an infection can set in… which would necessitate more dental work. A person with dentures may find themselves in the chair a lot to have relining or repair work done. Another drawback to dentures – they are not as strong as dental implants – certain foods can wreak havoc on them.

There are reasons why people may choose dentures instead of dental implants. The mainly because they cost less. Another reason is if the person does not have enough bone in their jaw for dental implants.

While the above-mentioned circumstances can lead to choosing dentures, if one wants to have the most natural-looking smile and not have to worry about the uncomfortable and unstable fit of dentures, dentures falling out or constantly applying dental adhesive, dental implants are the way to go.

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski and her staff at Dental Specialists of Niles are experts at dental implants as well as dentures and can guide you through the whole process.