4 03, 2020

Gum Recession: What Is It …And How To Treat It

2020-03-04T09:54:47-06:00Gum Health|

Gum recession describes a loss of pink gum tissue that surrounds teeth leading to exposure of the root surfaces of a tooth or teeth. Besides being unsightly, recession can could disturb the relationship of the surrounding come to issues to the teeth affecting both structure and function and resulting in [...]

20 05, 2019

Checklist For Your Next Visit

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Having concerns written down can help Ensure that your medical history is up to date See how to improve for the next visit While going to the dentist can be seen by some as a cause for getting nervous, being prepared can help put you in a good headspace. That [...]

8 01, 2019

Dental Implants In-Depth REVIEWED

2019-01-08T18:57:59-06:00Dental Implants|

Many people have weighed the options and decided to get dental implants. They seem to be the better option thanks to their stability as well as their durability when compared to dentures.The procedure is pretty straightforward and involves a titanium dental implant being inserted into their jaw and then having [...]