Dental implants

Seeking a long-term solution for implants in Niles may end with All-On-4

Whether having pain or discomfort with dentures, or being self-conscious about unsightly bridges, those in need of a replacement solution may experience frustration. Four facts, however may change the outcome for many because of All-On-4 implants in Niles.

Eliminating discomfort

It is no secret that many dentures feel a little unnatural and provide discomfort. And, while there are numerous suggestions on how to live with the discomfort, few seem permanent. This is why an implant strategy such as All-On-4 is becoming increasingly popular, its success rate superior to other approaches.


One of the most popular complaints about traditional dentures is pain. In some areas of the globe, those not having natural teeth have skyrocketed from 6% to 37% in less than 40 years. With limited denture technology, pain has widely become a factor and has been something one “simply must live with” for life. One of the highlights of All-On-4 is that, with only four implants, as opposed to up to eight or more, painful dentures seem but a distant memory.

Teeth should look natural, even when they are not

One of the key All-On-4 factors addresses perhaps the most important concern of all: unsightliness. While most focus on how long dentures last, the look and feel of dentures tends to be neglected until they become the unsightly disappointment some find them to be. This is the third factor All-On-4 addresses: teeth that look natural.

Less invasive

Perhaps the greatest advantage of all with All-On-4 is that it is minimally invasive with only four implant sites with minimal bone grafting. This makes for an even more effective procedure and, with state-of-the-art technology utilized by highly-trained specialists, makes for a more lasting result.

All-On-4 in Niles is a solution for denture wearers addressing the discomfort, pain and unsightly outcome. Scheduling an appointment with a highly trained specialist at Dental Specialists of Niles to learn more about it would certainly be warranted whether you have these existing denture concerns, or are considering implants at all. You may just find the permanent solution you are looking for.