regular dental cleanings and check ups

Regular dental cleanings

Dentures and other forms of dental implants have been developed over the years to look just as good, if not better, than people’s natural teeth. With modern technology there are even some benefits to having dental implants versus real teeth. The technology in this field has been steadily in a growth phase giving real viable alternatives to those who have missing teeth.

However, as an old advertisement once said: “there is nothing like the real thing!” The idea is that once corrective measures are embarked upon in any field things can get more complex and labor intensive. Which of course equates to time and money.

Dentists have been seeing an epidemic of adult tooth loss and emergency room visits. There are several underlying reasons. Due to increasing economic pressures and insurance restrictions preventative dentistry is not given the attention it requires to preserve teeth whereas other body parts are taken far more care of; such as hair and nails which are far less relevant to the overall health of an individual.

How Do I prevent the Expensive Dental Emergencies, Painful Cavities and Tooth Loss Cycle?

The number one factor in tooth loss is avoiding regular dental cleanings and check ups. Having these visits bi-annually is the only way to beat tooth loss. Although brushing, flossing and rinsing at home is excellent oral hygiene, receiving professional deep cleanings is a must as well. Additionally, dental x-rays are one of the first ways to diagnose a potential problem. Periodontal (or gum) exams are crucial as well, because a large percentage of tooth loss is attributed to gum, or periodontal, disease.

Tooth loss affects the person as a whole, in many ways beyond the mouth. It effects overall health and wellness and predisposes individuals to other pathology. Speech can be impaired with tooth loss as well as nutrition. Another negative effect is self-esteem. When one cannot smile as they please due to self-conscious feelings, they are often effected psychologically and emotionally as well.

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