gum treatment niles Gums often go unnoticed within the mouth, but they are actually an essential part of your oral and overall health. The gums act as an anchor for our teeth and other oral structures. People often tend to focus on their teeth when it comes to dental care, but we are here to remind you to remember to give those gums some loving too!

Cosmetic Dentistry versus Dental Health

Having a beautiful smile is a great asset in life. It will open doors to us in business and out personal lives. Although color and texture of the enamel are very important factors, their base is essential too. If you are experiencing any discomfort or bleeding when brushing the gums, this can be a serious sign of periodontal pathology, or as we call it, gingivitis.

Gum Disease Effects

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums, which begins in a mild stage. If you do not treat this at the source, it can further progress into advanced periodontitis. This will cause many unpleasant side effects, such as: bad breath, severe bleeding gums, bad taste in the mouth, visible pus within the mouth and even tooth loss. In addition to tooth loss, it may be difficult to even place dental implants, because the roots, or gums, are compromised and unable to support the structure.

There are several conditions and diseases which can unfortunately predisposition people to have gum disease. These include, but are not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disease and even certain medications. In some cases, medicine can dry out the mouth, including the tongue and gums. In turn, less saliva is produced and pathology can develop.

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