Go Back To School With a Smile

Back to school is an exciting time for all. As kids and college students prepare all of their back to school supplies and checklists, teachers and those working in the education department do the same. However, the fall is also prime time to contract the flu and other viruses which can really cramp your school style. According to studies from the CDC, this period of the years sees the highest rate of cold and flu diagnosis for both children and adults on the go. In addition to using valuable sick time, this can affect your oral health as well.

Research shows that nationwide, over twenty million days are lost due to common bacterial or viral illnesses this year. However, individuals often forget that one of the best ways to prevent infection is by watching what you put in your mouth! The oral cavity is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria. Hand washing before meals, drinks and snacks becomes essential during this time of year.

Don’t Be Tempted By The Fountain of Youth!

Choose Bottled Water The water fountain may seem like a great idea for that first grader when he or she is thirsty, but it’s not a good idea for you. Water fountains are rarely cleaned or disinfected and can be a straight source of harmful bacteria into the mouth. Opt for bottled beverages, as they tend to be substantially cleaner.
Watch What You Eat!

We have all likely had a long summer of barbeques, ice cream cones and fruity cocktails. This fall, it is important to eat healthy. A diet filled with plenty of protein, vitamins and calcium will help keep your mind and body healthy on the go. Calcium will help to sustain healthy teeth, in conjunction with proper oral hygiene habits.

This fall, remember these helpful tips and tricks, and call (847)685-6686 (to schedule your appointment with Dr Anasinski and her expert team TODAY!