Beat The Holiday Grind

The holiday season can cause some stress for all of us.  However, sometimes the stress becomes overwhelming to the point that when we should be relaxing…we are actually stressing!

For example, when you sleep you may find that you wake up with your jaw clenched with your teeth tightly matched together.  Or, you may also catch yourself grinding your teeth (bruxism) unknowingly as you wait in line at a shopping center.

Ways To Cope With Holiday Stress

Both of the above examples are a result of stress that can affect your overall dental health.  Here are some ways you can help manage the stress that accompanies the holiday season:

  • Acknowledge your feelings.  If the holidays remind you of a lost loved one, find a friend with whom you can confide in and share your feelings.
  • Avoid perfection.  Don’t set the expectation that everything from holiday decorations to a family meal has to be absolutely perfect.  Consider utilizing your extra energy that would normally be used for worry and instead show curiosity towards how the lives of those around you are progressing.
  • Continue healthy habits.  Dismissing healthy habits during the holidays open the door for poorer habits to enter your life.  Examples would be overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, or isolating yourself from others.
  • Plan ahead.  Regardless of how involved your schedule is for the holiday season, planning head will help you to avoid forgetting last minute items that interrupt your schedule.
  • Learn to say no.  It is not possible to everywhere at the same time during the holidays.  Consider attending or hosting one large holiday party as opposed to committing to several smaller ones spread across a very short period of time.

If you find that the “grind” of the holidays has you grinding your teeth, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us so we can help alleviate your stress!

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