Statistics show that dental disease is on the rise. In this past year alone, studies show that over 150 million hours of work are missed due to needed dental visits per year. Additionally, over 40 million hours of school are missed due to pediatric dental issues. Additionally, dental issues can become quite costly, with an average of over $1,000 per each tooth throughout the lifetime. Although these facts may seem shocking and frightening, visiting the dentist regularly is the best way to promote early detection and prevention.

Nice Gums resulting from regular periodontic exams Tooth decay and cavities often go hand in hand. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent both of these conditions. It is important to understand the source, cavities grow when bacteria in the mouth eat different sugars which come from the foods you consume. These tiny, microscopic organisms then emit a certain acid which eats away at the outer shell and coating of the teeth. In turn, small holes, known as cavities are formed. Teeth that have already began to decay (often those who do not attend regular dental visits of maintain proper oral hygiene) are more susceptible to cavity formation.

Cavity Causes

There are a variety of ways you can stimulate the production of cavities. Drinking sugary drinks and eating foods high in a sugar is a sure way to put your mouth at high risk. Additionally, many medications (both over the counter and prescription) can cause the mouth to become very dry, increasing the chance of cavity development. Drinking alcoholic beverages (especially sugary or dark fluids such as red wine) often cause plaque and bacteria formation as well. Tobacco products are one of the top offenders for oral disease. Some gastrointestinal diseases (such as GERD – a chronic digestive disease) or conditions where acidity levels are above average can cause bacteria and plaque too.

A dentist who is very well versed in the causes and handling of tooth decay and gum disease is essential to maintaining oral health. Dr. Anasinski Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois is the founder of the Greater Chicago Dental Academy and delivers regular seminars to other dentists there to give them the benefit of her knowledge in the field of periodontics. When deciding which dentist to consult in the Niles area, consider Dental Specialists of Niles headed by Dr Anasinski. Read more about her credentials.