In-Office Teeth Whitening Special

We’re pleased to bring you helpful tips for making the most of your smile in our latest newsletter! Remember, with the summer events and all the accompanying photo opportunities just around the corner, you or someone you know may be interested in finding out about tooth whitening or other cosmetic improvements.

Click here to view our newsletter: Newsletter July 2013  Take charge of your dental health!  Please call us at 847-685-6686.

A Special Message From Dr. Dorothy

Hello Everyone!  A healthy smile is always in style. Trends may come and go, but a confident and healthy smile is an ice-breaker, a door opener, an invitation for a special relationship, or even a new job! The condition and color of your teeth have an impact not only on how you look, but also on your self-esteem. Of all the tips that you may consider to boost your personal self-image, keeping your teeth healthy and correcting your smile are two of the easiest and most satisfying adjustments available. If you believe that you are a candidate, please contact me at 847-685-6686.