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There is but a month until Labor Day but a Niles Dentist wants you to wear white anyway

There is a little excitement surrounding the Niles dentist who claims it is okay to wear white after labor day, regardless of what fashionistas claim. Delivering top quality teeth whitening, she is providing “runway” quality smiles with a simple procedure. Yellow teeth and embarrassing stains from smoking, coffee or tea having built up for years can now be gone in a flash leaving a bright white smile.

Teeth whitening is the most economical “face lift” going

While cosmetic facial procedures can get quite costly, and while they too are subject to further aging, to say nothing of their dangers, nothing says a “lift” like teeth whitening. Just on the cost factor alone, teeth whitening is but a fraction of the cost of many popular cosmetic skin procedures and is longer lasting. This makes it quite economical. And, when you are smiling bright and white, other “imperfections” tend to go unnoticed. And that applies any time of year!

Whitening not recommended for the “weekend warrior”

Speaking of economical, should you make the simple choice to upgrade your image, you may try to find the cheapest route. In your search you, undoubtedly, will find self-whitening “kits” available. While they seem harmless, there are a few pitfalls to using them. Interference with pre-existing conditions such as cavities, nerve sensitivity, etc. are a few examples. Seeking a professional such as a Niles dentist is always advised. While white teeth are a reason to smile, painful conditions are a reason not to.

Bright, white confidence

When you have an expert Niles dentist supervising and providing your teeth whitening, you are investing the maximum amount of confidence you can have in the result you get for a safe, effective treatment. And that will pay dividends in confidence both with how you look and in your oral health. Confidence is the foremost motivation. There is even evidence whiter teeth can improve work and relationships too.

A white smile is always in season

You don’t have to wait for spring to wear white and you can wear it past labor day. It will work for you year-round. A bright, white smile is just what the doctor ordered for more confidence and an economical upgrade to your look. Just make sure to insist a Niles dentist takes care of it.

An appointment with a Niles Dentist is all it takes to start. At Dental Specialists of Niles, there are numerous before and after pictures of successful teeth whitening. Perhaps the next one will be yours.