Take it from a Niles Periodontist who replaces teeth every day

While many may have become lax in the practice of flossing, or have come to doubt its effectiveness, a Niles Periodontist knows from experience its importance. As a practitioner specializing in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, she has seen it from every angle. Wouldn’t the best advice come from that viewpoint?

Flossing for disease prevention

The best circumstance under which to search for a Periodontist would be for prevention of disease. Maintenance care is the best ‘treatment’ for a healthy smile and getting regular cleanings and exams can accomplish this. They cannot, however, accomplish it on their own.

Part of effective maintenance care is personal, everyday care taken by the patient. This means regular brushing and flossing habits, brushing not able to clean lodged particles between teeth which can become a more critical problem if not removed. From the periodontist standpoint, more prevention has been achieved by removing such particles with flossing then without.

Lax flossing may usher in periodontal disease

Once again, your Niles Periodontist will advise you to floss to prevent disease but, it is not as complicated as it seems. Just leaving particles between teeth after meals can accumulate enough plaque to usher in disease, which can become severe over time.

There may be arguments as to the value of flossing but there is no evidence anywhere that it is harmful in any way. It, at the very least, removes particles that will result in plaque and, therefore, disease as it advances. So, flossing is a good idea in the eyes of any dental professional and can only help in the prevention of disease, even if giving a slight edge on the situation. Perhaps the best argument in favor of flossing is that it is one of many actions taken to prevent disease, not a “solo act.”

Treatment and replacement of diseased teeth

A Niles Periodontist sees all manner of disease and poor conditions of teeth which need intervention from minor to more severe grades. At worst, replacement of diseased teeth with implants is required. One of the foremost causes is improper removal of plaque-accumulating particles from anywhere around the teeth, particularly in between. The best treatment for such is preventative measures which are taken as routine care by the patient himself, with guidance and maintenance assistance from the periodontist several times per year. This is the one-two punch that keeps one in good oral health.

Flossing helps keep disease at bay

So, in conclusion, you should only floss between teeth you want to save, keep or prevent from deteriorating. This is done through a cooperative effort of routine home maintenance and regular visits to the Periodontist for professional cleaning and support.

Dental Specialists of Niles is the Niles periodontist for treatment of periodontal disease: prevention and the guidance for maintenance care. Keeping food particles to a minimum through routine and regular flossing and brushing habits will keep intervention during your visits to a minimum of easy, professional cleaning and guidance to keep your teeth disease-free. And that is how flossing, coupled with other routine measures, can cause you to smile.