Summer time often offers the opportunity for us to enjoy foods that we otherwise would not eat during other times of the year.  Quite often, we over-indulge in these foods.  Doing so once in a while may not have long term consequences.  However, when over eating becomes a consistent dietary pattern it can not only adversely affect your health and body weight it can also overwhelm the body’s supply of digestive enzymes.

Studies by The Center for Disease Control (CDC) have shown that “in the past 40 years women have increased their daily caloric intake by more than 20 percent, while men are eating at least 7 percent more calories each day.”

A lack of enzymes that assist in breaking down our food intake such as carbohydrates, fats, and undigested proteins can accumulate in the body and release harmful toxins that can be incorporated into the bloodstream.

To help combat this issue, the team at Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C. uses two types of Probiotics with patients to help patients restore and maintain a healthy balance.

Below are examples of two of the types of Probiotics used at our practice.  These are well-known and trusted brands in the medical community.

For more information, or, to schedule an appointment about how you can achieve greater balance in your life with Probiotics please contact us at (847) 685-6686.