Can you afford to choose your implant surgeon strictly based on cost?

Experience Counts and Quality Matters; Choose your doctor wisely

The economy has made EVERYONE cost conscious.

You get what you pay for. When you compare dental implants from one doctor to another, do not consider cost alone. Your dental implants will be with you for the rest of your life, so it’s important that they are of the highest quality.

Like any other device, there are many dental implant manufacturers, there are some companies that have superior implants because of the research and development that goes into it. The implants I use have all been clinically tested for many years, and have a proven track record.

No second chances. When it comes to placing a successful dental implant you usually have only one good shot at it. You want to do it one time and do it right. To repair or correct an improperly done dental implant is usually very complicated and VERY costly. means another round of pain and aggravation.

  • Not all doctors are the same. Your surgeon’s talent and training is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, not all doctors are equally qualified

Although doctors may carry the same title, the training, experience, natural talent and ethics is what sets high-quality doctors apart. In addition, the sad truth is that many doctors do not keep up with their education after they graduate from their training, and they either forget part of their education or do not practice the latest methods.

Most people spend more time researching the purchase of an automobile than they do assessing their doctor’s background and credentials. However, dental implant surgery—like any surgery—requires significant expertise.  In a very small percentage of cases complications can occur.

When considering dental implants, the best surgeon for dental implant placement is based on the type, amount of training of the surgeon, and the one who most frequently performs particular procedures.

It is important to check to make sure your surgeon has the proper training, experience and credentials and understand that there are significant differences between surgeons trained in postgraduate residency programs and those with abbreviated training. There are many general dentists today take one or two-day courses, or “mini-residencies” on dental implant placement, work on plastic model jaws and/or buy surgical implant kits to get started in dental implant placement. None of these courses require licensure or require the attendee to demonstrate surgical proficiency. Even more frightening, some general dentists surgically place implants on unsuspecting patients with little or no training whatsoever. There are a growing number of serious complications and failures with implants that have been recently seen from untrained hands that could have been avoided.

Therefore, check to make sure your surgeon has the proper training, experience and credentials, including ADA recognition and Board-Certification.

The ADA (American Dental Association) recognizes 9 dental specialties. The individual dental specialty boards require high standards of training and performance and ensure them by rigid examinations. Successful applicants receive diplomas in their specialty. To become “board-certified” and then receive “Diplomate” status in their particular specialties, additional rigorous testing must be passed before the specialty board. Periodontal specialists take three years of residency training after four years of dental school. The recognized standard-setting organization for Periodontist is the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Anasinski is a board certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology. Many general dentists will claim expertise in implant dentistry by calling themselves implant-dentists, which is not a recognized dental specialty.

. Experience matters.

“A simple analogy is that it is like playing golf. The more you do it the better you get at it.You develop consistency and instincts that guide your play. Placing implants is similar. If it is a discipline that you engage in day in and day out your results become consistent.” Anyone can play the game of golf but not everyone can golf like a pro. When it comes to any surgery, a specialist who performs the procedure routinely and has had a lot of experience with the procedure will become the pro.

The secret to Dr. Anasinski’s success is through consistent discipline of her specialized skills focused on gums, bone and implants through frequently performing specialized procedures on a routine basis. She places over 150 implants per year and for over 20 years. The winning combination of her Qualifications, Surgical Training, Experience and Consistent Discipline excels her abilities to consistently provide patients beautiful, predictable and long lasting final results.

What are your thoughts about general dentists placing implants and patients going out of the country to have dental implants placed?  Having dental implants placed is a risky procedure.  There are some dentists placing them without adequate training after weekend courses which can lead to unpredictable and unesthetic results, which to correct are costly and at times not repairable.

Going out of the country for dental implant placement is worse, because not only is the training of the surgeon questionable, but there are no quality control standards.

When something goes wrong in dental implant treatment, one can end up a dental cripple; ending up with practically no jaw bone. Infection can occur, the implants can become loose.  If cheap implants are placed, they could lack precise tolerances, which would leave openings for infection and implants becoming loose, corrode, and

one can develop peri-implantitis.   The bottom line is to do it right the first time.  When you are replacing a tooth you are replacing a lost body part, therefore it needs to be performed with precision and proper materials for stable and esthetic long term results.

What are your thoughts regarding New Techniques and Technology?

In this era, we are witnessing tremendous increase in advances in dentistry.

It is important to be critical of these innovations to ensure that they meet the highest surgical standards for patients. We only integrate proven and results-oriented

technologies for safe, optimal and predictable results.

Why is a Beautiful Smile so Important in Today’s Society? Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and the greatest form of communication is a beautiful smile.  It provides confidence, promotes self esteem and represents excellent health.  It is a fundamental element of your natural beauty, a reflection of your personality and spirit.  People are more conscious of their appearance and personal style than ever before because it can affect not only one’s personal relationships but success in life.  Numerous studies have shown how missing, crooked or stained teeth can affect one’s career prospects.

What makes Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C. team special:  Our focus on the individual is what makes our team truly special. We enjoy developing relationships with our patients and being their long term care provider.  Creating beautiful smiles and alleviating fear are easy when people know that we care about them as individuals.  Our focus is on our patients and their concerns and we treat everyone like a member of our family. In addition, we provide attentive, personable care in a very comfortable, clean, modern environment. Our team utilizes digital X-rays, digital photos and laser technology to enhance diagnosis, communication and gentle dental care.

What is the Mission Statement of Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C.?

Our mission is to create beautiful, healthy smiles that can last a lifetime.  We are a team dedicated to excellence and love helping and caring for people to be healthier and happier.

What does a consultation with Dr. Anasinski involve: 

I give the time you need to answer all of your questions and understand your personal goals for improving your oral health and appearance.  Then I thoroughly explain the treatment plan I recommend to give you the results you desire.  In many cases I give you several options and choices.  It is my job to give you honest recommendations.

How do you proceed if you don’t think a patients needs surgery?  My goal is to help patients find good solutions.  Sometimes it includes surgery-sometimes it doesn’t. I only perform a procedure if I truly believe I can achieve outstanding results.

What is the Favorite Part about my job:

I love hearing patients say “ I am so glad I finally did this”, “it was not as bad as I thought!, and thank you for making my life much better”!

I feel very blessed to perform life changing procedures, seeing people smile confidentlay for the first time, and helping to alleviate fear for anxious patients, which makes hard work worthwhile.

What I also Love about my job:  It’s not only about improving the health of patient’s mouths, but also about their general health through being their wellness coach.

I spend time with patients learning about their nutrition, lifestyle and share with them my knowledge to increase their awareness of what they can do to empower positive changes in their health and lives.  We have helped several patients quit smoking, which is a great sense of accomplishment.

What attracted me to my Profession:  It allows me to combine compassion, science, art to create results that would improve people’s lives.

How Would I Like to be Remembered, My Purpose in Life: As someone who has improved other people’s lives, and who has helped them to be healthier and happier.

What’s one Thing I am never without:  My Ethics

How would Patients, Staff and Friends Characterize me:  They would say that I am compassionate towards others, completely focused, perfectionist, detail oriented, passionate about helping people, and bringing out the best in them. Patients have expressed that they are pleased that I always give my honest opinion and a very fair, appropriate recommendation to achieve their results.

How does my Staff contribute to the care I provide:  My staff is incredible-they can answer just about every question someone asks.  They work closely with patients to tailor and coordinate their visits from initial consultations to post-op, and long term maintenance.  They are talented, caring and love what they do!