Invisalign® – What It Is, Who It’s For, and How It Works

What is Invisalign®?

Designed and manufactured in Santa Clara, California, Invisalign® has given over 1 million people around the world straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles.  Invisalign® is an amazing, convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces.  Using a series of removable aligners made specifically for your teeth, Invisalign® corrects an array of dental issues.  Arguably the best feature of Invisalign® is the transparency of the aligners making it practically impossible for anyone to notice them so you feel comfortable and confident while receiving treatment.

Invisalign® is designed to treat several dental and orthodontic problems including the following:

  • Crowding – Which when left untreated can cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease
  • Spacing – Caused by abnormal jaw growth can cause a variety of periodontal diseases
  • Crossbites – Due to misaligned jaw bones, can cause tooth-wear, gum disease and bone loss.
  • Overbites – Leads to gum irritation, wear on the lower teeth and painful joint and jaw problems.
  • Underbites – Prevent the teeth from functioning properly causing tooth wear and painful jaw and joint issues.

The benefits of Invisalign® are many:

  • Health – By correcting dental issues early on, you can prevent numerous health problems down the road including: tooth and gum diseases, tooth-wear and painful jaw and joint problems.  With traditional braces, a process called demineralization (tooth decay) occurs in 50% of patients because they cannot be removed for eating or cleaning for an average of 2-5 years!  Invisalign® naturally avoids this health concern.
  • Cosmetic – The aligners are completely removable and clear so it’s unlikely anyone will notice them allowing you can transform your smile invisibly.  It’s perfect for the working professional who doesn’t want their clients to be distracted by crooked teeth or unattractive metal, and ideal for students who are already dealing with enough pressure at school.
  • Cleaning – Since the aligners are removable you can take them out to eat and brush so there’s no worry of food getting stuck in between metal wires.  You are better able to maintain good oral hygiene by reducing plaque buildup and tooth decay.
  • Comfort – Invisalign® moves teeth with less force than traditional braces.  Correcting misaligned teeth prevents and/or relieves pain in the jaw bone and jaw joints.
  • Fast Results – Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign® may work faster; an average of 12-18 months vs. 36-96 months for braces.

The Process of Invisalign® Treatment:

First you need to contact us to schedule your consultation.

Our Prosthodontic Specialist, Dr. Samantha Chou, works diligently to stay at the fore front of and preventative dentistry.   Dr. has studied at some of the most notable institutes in the profession, has received training in advanced and cosmetic dentistry, and is a leading provider in Invisalign Orthodontics, implant dentistry, and appliances for the reduction head, neck, and facial pain.

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