Dental Specialist of Niles is changing lives for patients with techniques to help denture wearers be comfortable, chew and speak well and have a more youthful appearance.

Dentures can act like a non-surgical facelift because they help patients who are missing teeth to look over 10 years younger through improving the overall balance of facial features.

When teeth are removed, damaged, or fall out, the shape of the mouth and jaw changes. Once teeth are gone, the underlying bone of the jaw can resorb and deteriorate as well. The lack of volume will eventually becomes noticeable because the face can actually shorten as teeth and bone are lost. This shortening will age a person’s face and can throw the features out of harmony. Dentures help stop bone loss and keep the muscles in shape, creating more youthful , fuller lips and jaw line. By maintaining the proper volume below the surface, your skin won’t sag and droop as much as it would if there were no supporting  structures.

If you have been unhappy with your old dentures, come in for a complimentary consultation and discover how you can enhance your smile with dentures that can lift your appearance, along with your comfort and confidence!

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