Valentines day

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us!

But do you know how everything started? – You may appreciate this little charming story about Valentine and his adventurous life.

Some time ago an Emperor by name Claudius II forbade marriages since he suspected that wedded men were awful fighters. However, Valentine did not concur with that law and was still covertly marrying couples.

As soon as the Emperor discovered this, he sentenced Valentine to death and placed him into prison where Valentine had a crush on one of the guards’ daughters and on the day he was supposed to get executed, he sent her a passionate letter and signed it with: “From Your Valentine”. From then on it turned into a tradition that we follow with such passion.

While this lovely story touches your heart, it is important to consider how you can really make a difference both for yourself and your loved ones.

Your smile plays a great role of how you present yourself to your partner especially if you have a tendency to indulge in sweets and fast food. You can think about it this way: How would you feel if your partner had clean white teeth and looked at you with a beautiful smile? How would you feel if he or she did not? – Here is the difference! Your spouse (or friend) will definitely appreciate your efforts and will certainly be pleased to smile back. Besides, having your teeth cleaned and whitened is healthy and economical in the long run. And if you do it once every several months, you will be in a great shape and your teeth in an excellent condition!

You will feel free to smile and many people around you will also appreciate it. Life will become easier and more fun anywhere you go.

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