Can you guess who sang a song with the lyric “Schools out for summer…Schools out forever!?

Now, most parents probably would dread this being a reality.  For the next few months children of all ages will be free from the shackles of education and off to enjoy their summers.

In The Old Days…

Growing up, most of our staff looked forward to getting out of the house and away from our parents for as long as possible.  It often required a very loud yell or a family bounty party to bring us home for dinner as dusk was setting.

Today, things are different.  In quite a few cases, parents are looking for creative ways to peel their children away from video games, smartphones, and televisions for a few hours of activity.

Fun, Healthy Activities

Below is a list of family-friendly activities that will help to promote overall health this summer:

  1. Riding a bicycle
  2. Nature hike
  3. Swimming
  4. Roller skating / Roller blading
  5. Skate boarding
  6. Tennis
  7. Softball
  8. Baseball
  9. Soccer
  10. Camping
  11. Summer camp
  12. Canoeing
  13. Golfing
  14. Play Frisbee
  15. Play catch
  16. Mow the lawn
  17. Gardening
  18. Basketball
  19. Kickball
  20. Play Tag

Help with Increasing Activity Levels

It may be difficult for some parents to have a discussion with their children about increasing their physical activity.  Below are some suggestions on helping to make the transition to a more active lifestyle easier for both you and your child:

  1. Suggest age-appropriate activities
  2. Keep the focus on “fun”
  3. Sometimes being with their friends help
  4. Participate with them

Some of our most fond memories from childhood were made during summer activities.  We encourage you to help introduce that tradition to your family this summer.  Let us know which activities work best for you and your family.  We would love to know!

Contact us, or, share your summer family activities and updates during your next scheduled dental appointment with our team!