Spring means fun outside, fresh air, sunshine, and outdoor activities that have been put off by several feet of snow!

However, spring is also associated with allergies that affect millions of people.  So this begs the question, “What are some of the top survival tips for allergy season?”

Allergy Season Survival Tips – Fashion

  • Get rock star sunglasses.  Larger sunglasses will help to protect your eyes and eyelids from the entry of pollen spores (especially on windy days).
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat to help prevent pollen from landing on top of your head and face.
  • Minimize the hair gel and products.  Some hair care products act as a magnet for pollen and mold spores at the height of allergy season.
  • Dry your clothes in a dryer and avoid using outdoor line-drying on high pollen count days.  Wet laundry can act as a magnet for pollen spores that will come in contact with your skin via clothing.

Allergy Season Survival Tips – Medication and Treatment

  • Cold eye compresses offer improved appearance of your eyes and help to reduce unwanted symptoms of allergies.
  • Seek treatments for allergies early in the seasons.  Whether you are using an over the counter allergy medication, or, taking an allergy injection doing so in a timely manner will help to build up your immune system and fight off the symptoms you most dislike about allergies.

Allergy Season Survival Tips – Home Preparation

  • Clean the air in your home and car.  Make sure to keep your furnace filters up to date and if necessary purchase filters that help to remove pollen as it circulates throughout the air in your home (a MERV value of 11-12).  When using the air conditioning in your car set the system to “re-circulate” to help keep out the pollens.
  • Cut off the access points for pollen to enter your home by doing away with window fans.

Allergy Season Survival Tips – Outdoor Planning

  • Avoid certain types of plants and flows that enhance your allergy symptoms.  Some of these can include Daisies, sunflowers, lilac, zinnia, and chrysanthemums.
  • If you are a runner or love to exercise outdoors consider moving those activities indoors on days where there is a high pollen count.
  • For outdoor gardening and lawn mowing activities you may want to wear a pollen mask and use gloves.  These will help minimize your bodily contact with pollens.

Do you have a tried and true allergy defense strategy?  If so, we would love to hear about it and so would our other patients.  Contact Us or you can share your story on our Facebook Fan Page.

Also, if you have allergies and are concerned about how they may affect your dental procedure or appointment please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you.