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Dental Discomfort

There are many times when we feel discomfort or pain in our mouths and do not know where it came …

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Are You on the Road to a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth?

Many of us maintain our health in a variety of ways. We visit our doctor for an annual physical. We …

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Add Years To Your Life In Just 90 Seconds

Recently, Dr. Dorothy Anasinski was interviewed about how patients can benefit themselves through proper dental hygiene practices.  Here is an …

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Better Breath Leads to More Fulfilling Relationships

Let’s face it relationships are more intimate, passionate, and fulfilling with fresh and healthy breath.  We thought it would be …

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Mouth Healthy Food Choices for Summer

Summer provides us with the opportunity to enjoy food choices that we may not indulge in during the rest of …

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Dental Basics: Overall Health Starts with Brushing and Flossing

Most people know that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, you must eat a balanced diet, get plenty of …

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