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18 09, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – What You Need To Know About Fats

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The term “Fat” is sometimes correlated with other derogatory terms such as ugly, disgusting, and bad. However, fats have proven to provide unbelievable health benefits that include the following: Weight loss Reduction in bad cholesterol Increase in good cholesterol Reduction in fatty liver and kidney enzymes Better brain function Better [...]

8 08, 2012

Healthy Gums Help to Create a Healthy Heart

2012-08-08T07:27:44-06:00Gum Disease, Heart Health, Oral Health, periodontist, Periodontist of Niles|

Gum disease and cardiovascular disease are two major public health issues that impact a large number of Americans every day. Cardiovascular or heart disease contributes to 2,400 deaths per day, while gum or periodontal disease affects nearly 75 percent of Americans. Despite impacting separate areas of the body, research has [...]