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Diabetes and Dentistry

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States. Unfortunately, this deadly disease has been affecting people of all ages …

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Were You or a Loved One Ever A Smoker?

You may have never smoked or are an ex smoker – even for many years. In any case it is …

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This Halloween Give Your Teeth A Treat!

It is no secret that Halloween can be a very dangerous time for your oral health. Candy of all kinds …

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Mouth Healthy Food Choices for Summer

Summer provides us with the opportunity to enjoy food choices that we may not indulge in during the rest of …

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3 Important Keys to Greater Oral Health: Examined

We are constantly reminded that regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper dental hygiene play vital roles in our overall …

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Healthy Gums Help to Create a Healthy Heart

Gum disease and cardiovascular disease are two major public health issues that impact a large number of Americans every day. …

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