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Dental Specialties

There are many different types of specialty dentists and doctors. Many general dentists will give patients a referral and simply …

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This Halloween Give Your Teeth A Treat!

It is no secret that Halloween can be a very dangerous time for your oral health. Candy of all kinds …

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How often do Americans go to the dentist?

Statistics show that dental disease is on the rise. In this past year alone, studies show that over 150 million …

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Are You on the Road to a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth?

Many of us maintain our health in a variety of ways. We visit our doctor for an annual physical. We …

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Toothpastes help patients with sensitive teeth

Patients with sensitive teeth due to gum recession have options!

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Are your teeth sensitive? There are mouthrinses that can help

Patients with gum recession and exposed root surfaces are more susceptible to tooth decay.

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