We have discovered a great resource to support your health this summer with MeYouHealth.com.

MeYouHealth.com offers free, fun and easy daily health challenges delivered right to your email once a day. All you have to do is visit the website here to sign up. Feel free to invite your friends to join you.

Create a meaningful and fulfilling reward for yourself every 30 days. One suggestion that I love is a massage. Health should be rewarded and celebrated.

If you’re inspired, please email us your successes, and we will share them with the community to inspire others.

Have fun with your health and make it a daily effort with this daily challenge!

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Me You Health

Patient Corner with Dr. Dorothy

Enjoy the gift of health! For the next 30 days you can receive a daily health challenge from MeYouHealth.com by Signing Up Here. I encourage you to contact us to share your better health story!

To Your Healthy and Happy Life,

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski