Teeth Whitening is an extremely hot ticket.  According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening Services are the #1 request by patients of their dentist.

The Hollywood smile

In fact, research shows 80% of people desire a brighter, whiter smile.  By being dubbed “the Hollywood smile” celebrities that have had their teeth professionally whitened help to fuel the desire for people to have only the brightest and best smiles.

Some of you prefer to pursue professional teeth whitening services by your dentist, while others prefer over the counter consumer products for teeth whitening.

And which one produces the best results?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of professional and consumer teeth whitening products.

Over The Counter or Consumer Teeth Whitening Products

Let’s face it.  Not everyone can afford to have their teeth whitened by a dental professional.  With this in mind, OTC teeth whitening products offer the following advantages for dental patients:

  • Cost less
  • Easy to purchase and a variety of applications such as strips, paint on gels, mouth trays, specialized toothpastes, and even gum

Some dental patients claim that improperly applied over the counter teeth whitening products can cause irregular coloring in a smile, and, that this type of effect counteracts the effort to whiten their teeth in the first place.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

There are additional benefits beyond whiter teeth for patients that seek to have a dental professional administer teeth whitening:

  • An exam is conducted to determine significant stain areas and overall tooth sensitivity
  • Consideration of whitening treatments that can be conducted in the dental office or at home
  • Review of teeth whitening options that consider the patient’s budget, needs, and teeth sensitivity
  • Helps to prevent product misuse

To learn more about the benefits of having your teeth whitened by a professional, we encourage you to schedule a dental appointment online or by calling 847-685-6686.