There are some common traps that people fall into when it comes to eating candy during a holiday that can directly result in tooth loss or contribute to future problems with the same outcome. Prevention is our best friend when it comes to keeping our teeth and gums healthy over the years. One of the biggest traps is a common mindset that people may avoid regular dental cleanings and checkups when they lose their dental insurance or try to economize. This will only lead to further decline in your dental and overall health. It will also create a much larger and more expensive problem to treat when you’re trying to cut back on costs.

Prevention is the most cost effective way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to keep treatment needs within your budget. In addition, it has been estimated that preventative dentistry can add 10 years to your life!

Here are a few simple tips on helping to reduce the effects of consuming excess sugar:

  • Eat Easter candy (or any other candy for that matter) with a meal.  Incorporating food will help to counteract the sugars in the candy, as well as, help to prevent overeating.
  • It is always recommended to brush your teeth after eating candy.  Doing so will help to reduce the amount of excess candy on your teeth.  If a toothbrush is not available after eating candy, consider drinking lots of water as a good substitute.
  • Consider eating some candy alternatives such as:  fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, or trail mix.

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