Health Benefits 2016

What are the “benefits” of visiting a Niles Dentist this Fall?

It’s fall and that not only means colder weather, autumn colors and a barrage of holidays, it usually means the end of the year is fast approaching. This is especially significant with oral care. Many who have not kept up with their regular check-ups and cleanings are not only behind, they often have unused benefits to prove it. This makes fall peak season for those who have “use-it-or-lose-it” Health Spending (HSA) Accounts. But such can serve as a reminder that makes certain you get everything you need to keep a healthy smile. Fall is the time for oral health. Your Niles dentist is there to help.

First and foremost, routine care is paramount

A tell-tale sign of insufficient oral care is unused benefits. Many health plans cover a certain amount of routine care per year. This is designed to make certain you keep up routine and preventive measures such as exams and routine cleanings so that deeper levels of intervention are not needed. Unused benefits are an indication that one has not kept up a standard of routine care. Fall, each year serves as a reminder to call the dentist and get that exam or cleaning.

Saving for teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry?

It has been increasingly popular lately to have an HSA account which is used for things not commonly covered by insurance such as gym memberships, weight loss programs and other related services. Often, this can include cosmetic dentistry. Repair of decaying teeth or simply teeth whitening can fall under this category. Such set-asides tend to expire at year’s end. So, Fall is a popular time of year to get these procedures done. Benefits aside, the impending holiday season is a great time to whiten those teeth anyway.

Dental issues should supersede calendar issues

The fact remains that, beyond routine care, oral health issues tend to be progressive conditions. This means they should be handled immediately as they can become progressively more severe and require much deeper levels of intervention by a Niles dentist. This means that, although benefits plans can serve as a reminder during the last quarter of the year, they should not be relied upon as such. And, even minor dental issues should be addressed immediately. So the better calendar is the condition of the teeth and gums. Get those issues checkout out and handled as a priority.

Teeth, like benefits, are a use-it-or-lose-it proposition

Dental benefits are never the most important factor in getting proper oral care and regular dental visits, though they do serve as a good motivation when habits have been lax. Getting routine care, keeping in good personal habits and staying right on top of any issues that arise is the key to the best smile possible.

Find that ideal Niles dentist at Dental Specialists of Niles. Make an appointment today for that check-up or schedule that procedure you have been putting off. Now is the prime time to do it on a variety of levels. It’s best to use, rather than lose a smile any day.