Ways to show gratitude

Maybe it’s a hug or simply an authentic “thank you” for a favor.  Humans love knowing that they are appreciated and accepted by others.

Being appreciated by another person helps us to feel loved, and, to be able to show that level of gratitude towards others.  Let’s explore some ways that you can show gratitude and appreciation to others in your life:

5 Ways To Show Gratitude and Appreciation of Others

  • Give them something of yours that you think they would enjoy, and let them know specifically why you want them to have it.
  • Invite them to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do.
  • Encourage them to try something you know they want to try, but haven’t yet because they’re scared.
  • Offer to do something you know they don’t enjoy doing, like organizing their closet or mowing their lawn.
  • Compliment them on a talent, skill, or strength that you admire.
  • Look them straight in the eyes and say, “You make the world a better place.”

Looking for more?  See 50 ways to show your gratitude.

What ways do you show appreciation to those you know and care about?

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