You may have never smoked or are an ex smoker – even for many years. In any case it is good to be aware of all the possible damage caused by it. This way you can encourage a child or parent or spouse or friend to take care of their oral health as well and prevent a worsening condition.

Smoking harms all body systems

Smoker As medical research becomes more advanced, studies continue to prove the negative effects of smoking. It is well known that the first system tobacco normally attacks is the pulmonary system (lung cancer, emphysema, etc.). However, further recent studies prove that oral health is highly affected as well.

The negative aesthetic effects of smoking cigarettes, cigars and even electronic cigarettes are very well known. They include staining of the teeth and gums, unpleasant breath and even loss of sense. It is not uncommon for smokers to report that they can no longer taste the flavors and spices in foods like they could prior to beginning the habit. This is because many receptors are burned and damaged with each puff.

Scary Statistics

As suspected by dental professionals worldwide, smoking of any kind or substance increases patients’ chances of tooth loss and damage. Recently, it has come to light that male smokers and former smokers are up to twice as likely to lose teeth within their lifetime. Additionally, it is projected that up to thirty percent of the millennial generation will experience tooth loss or decay within their lifespan as well.

Repairing The Damage

With all of these negative consequences, one would think that living as a long term smoker could be quite unattractive, painful and costly. However, there is one major expense which could be even greater: Tooth loss. Replacing teeth at the dental office can be a long, involved procedure. The best way to avoid tooth loss is going to your dentist at the very first sign of decay or plaque. Although regular checkups and cleanings are a great first start, it is important for smokers and former tobacco users to visit the periodontist as well, to ensure proper gum maintenance and damage control. The gums act as a root for the teeth and other oral structures, so caring for them properly is essential (especially if they are compromised by bad habits!)

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