Getting dental implants in Morton Grove IL is a wise investment. Instead of removable dentures that require denture paste or fixed bridges that don’t seem to stay in place, this breakthrough in dental treatments allows you to enjoy your favorite food without the fear of your appliance falling out of your mouth. This is why many edentulous patients are switching to dental implants.

Any specialist will tell you that the success rate of dental implants are roughly 95%. This depends mainly on the skill of the operator, the patient’s oral hygiene and lastly, the quality of the alveolar bone. Your periodontist has received post-graduate training in periodontics and implantology, so you can trust that each dental implant will be anchored properly and precisely.

Upon consultation, the density of your alveolar bone will be assessed. This will determine if you are ready to receive this treatment. If it is insufficient, bone grafting can be done prior to dental implants. You will also be questioned thoroughly about your medical history. Smoking and gum problems can be a risk factor. It would be best if you stopped smoking and addressed your periodontal issues because both can cause peri-implantitis. This inflammatory condition can affect both the bone and mucosa. If it is not treated, this will weaken the bone and can cause implant failure.

Your periodontist will be able to perform the procedure and guide you in your quest to conserve your remaining teeth. Since your periodontist has extensive knowledge in periodontics and implantology, you can be assured that you will receive the best treatment. There will also be a series of follow-up visits to assess the dental implants. If you take proper care of your oral cavity, the pontics will last for about 10 to 15 years. The durable titanium post will be around for a lifetime. This is why dental implants are considered the long-term solution to tooth loss.

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