Have whiter teeth for a beautiful smile The increasing success of dental implants has changed the way we think about replacing missing teeth. Seeking the expertise of an experienced implant dentist can open the doors to the extraordinary advantages of state-of-the-art tooth replacement.

By accurately mimicking the structure and appearance of natural teeth, implants have eliminated many of the limitations of other tooth replacement procedures. For example, a dental bridge can only be used if there is a natural tooth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridge must be anchored to the two natural teeth for support. Due to this limitation, a bridge cannot be used to replace the very last tooth on the top or bottom arch.

Even removable partial dentures are subject to design limitations. A partial must be able to clip or hook onto at least two strong teeth on both sides of the mouth in order to replace even one missing tooth. Changes to the design can affect the balance and stability of the appliance.

Your dentist can replace both front and back teeth with dental implants without compromising the integrity of the neighboring teeth. In fact, the implant may actually improve the health of the adjacent teeth. Even as the last tooth on the top or bottom arch, the implant can prevent bone deterioration and also prevent a shift in your bite. The opposing teeth will be prevented from drooping out of position and the adjacent teeth will no longer be at risk of drifting or shifting.

A single front tooth or multiple teeth can be beautifully recreated with the help of implants. The replacement teeth can be customized to appear natural and realistic. The implant post inserts directly into the gum and bone to simulate a real tooth root and the dental crown in the shape and shade of your natural teeth is used to complete the restoration process.

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