Periodontist Des Plaines, IL Instead of investing in tubes of denture paste, dental implants have become a popular trend with edentulous patients. There are many specialists who offer patients the option of getting dental implants instead of fixed or removable dentures. Dr. Dorothy Anasinski, your periodontist serving Des Plaines IL, would like to give you a few reasons why you should seek a periodontal specialist for this type of treatment.

The most common cause of tooth loss is poor oral hygiene. If the problem persists, periodontal problems occur. Most fully or partially edentulous patients are victims of genetics or the lack of dental care. A periodontist is able to resolve the problem and is also capable of controlling plaque build-up. Your periodontist is armed with a vast-knowledge in tooth conservation, thanks to post-doctoral training. This will be beneficial to those who are interested in preventing further tooth loss.

Although dental implants do not fall prey to carious lesions, if you have inadequate oral hygiene techniques, peri-implantitis might develop. This inflammatory problem affects the mucosa and in some cases, even the alveolar bone. This will lead to bone loss and cause the loss of the implant. This condition is associated with a chronic type of infection and chain smoking. People who have diabetes or poor oral hygiene are at a higher risk. This is why it would be beneficial to control your blood sugar levels and quit smoking before this prosthesis is attached to your alveolar bone.

In addition to years of training, there are also implantology training seminars that implant manufacturers sponsor, which caters to dentists who wish to further their knowledge in this field. Your periodontist is capable of dealing with any possible case because of the training received during these seminars and extensive experience in the field of dental implantology.

Getting dental implants is an investment in your overall health. This hassle-free option must be entrusted to a specialist who can teach you how to observe proper oral hygiene. The goal of a periodontist is to prevent further tooth loss. This is why you should entrust your dental needs to the capable hands of an expert.

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